Dental HIPAA Training and Compliance

Ensure your dental practice is HIPAA Compliant by empowering your employees with comprehensive HIPAA training and schedule a risk assessment for your practice’s hardware and dental software.

Dental practitioners are obligated to maintain 100% HIPAA compliance within every aspect of their practice, but what exactly does that mean? Though most dental practices are independently operated or small dental groups, the same HIPAA rules that large hospitals work under apply to you and your practice. When you work with client information, insurance eligibility, pre-authorizations, and claims, HIPAA compliance is critical. Understanding the definition of HIPAA compliance will save your dental practice from unnecessary stress and protect you from violations and litigation.

The process can be overwhelming, which is why Dillon Dental Networks certified HIPAA technicians not only work with your practice to understand the full extent of HIPAA compliance, we also offer ongoing HIPAA support for your dental office, including HIPAA technology compliance.

We are located right here in San Diego and provide both on-demand remote HIPAA dental training as well as on-site HIPAA workshops. Dillon Dental Networks’ HIPAA training program empowers your dental practice to feel confident about their HIPAA knowledge and practices. Our Dental HIPAA training package covers the history of patient privacy, the Privacy Rule, the Security Rule, and the relevance of these laws and regulations to your particular practice.

Our thoroughly developed method of HIPAA training replaces apprehension and misinterpretation with information and confident understanding. With this level of dental HIPAA awareness, your team will work with confidence resulting in greater productivity and increased patient satisfaction.

It is required for dental practices to HIPAA certify new employees. With many HIPAA training modules, your employees are informed but not supported in the future. Dillon Dental Networks is an active support services company and our San Diego based team is readily available to answer questions and assist with HIPAA troubleshooting. HIPAA compliance is more than just certified employees; its secure patient information and data too.

HIPAA compliance is more than just certified employees; its secure patient information and data too.

For dental practices, HIPAA compliance goes well beyond trained and certified employees. Secure technology and enhanced policies and procedures are steps we use to protect your practice and ensure HIPAA compliance. Every dental office must have safeguards against cybersecurity threats, such as hacking, phishing emails and ransomware. Scheduling a risk assessment allows our team to identify potential HIPAA violations that could take place with your technology system and implement immediate measures to secure your practice with encryption software, cloud management and security devices.

Should your practice ever be subject to a HIPAA investigation with the Office for Civil Rights, you will want to be prepared. Your practice should be ready at any moment to demonstrate that your policies, procedures, patient data, software, and hardware are all in HIPAA compliance and that your entire staff is HIPAA trained and certified. We will take care of all of that for you.

The idea of assessing and coming into full HIPAA compliance can be daunting when you go at it alone. We created this service so your dental office can focus on the most important aspect of your practice, patient care, and leave the HIPAA compliance in our hands. When you work with Dillon Dental Networks, we become your partner. The success of your practice is our own and HIPAA training and compliance is our priority.

Dillon Dental Networks offers premium HIPAA training and compliance support services to all San Diego Dental practices. Through risk assessments, comprehensive dental HIPAA training for all employee levels, and our catalog of HIPAA compliant equipment and technology, we can assure your dental office is in HIPAA compliance and secure.

Contact us today for a free HIPAA compliance consultation and learn about our immersive approach to HIPAA training for dental professionals.

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