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Set your practice up for success with Planmeca convenient IT support services.

If cancelled appointments, off balance insurance claims, and scheduling chaos are issues at your San Diego dental practice, we can help. Dillon Dental Networks works closely with Planmeca’s comprehensive dental software. We offer in-depth Planmeca IT support for dental practices in the San Diego area.

Planmeca has many useful features and a large digital toolbox to enhance efficiency as well as patient engagement. Dillon Dental Networks is briefed daily on add-ons and upgrades, and is able to provide in-depth Planmeca training and support for your dental office.

Whether you are considering a future integration or have already purchased and are currently utilizing Planmeca, our support service plan allows your dental practice to focus solely on patient care and productivity, not IT frustrations. Our managed dental IT services including installing, updating, and troubleshooting Planmeca for your clinical and administrative team, either in-person or remotely.

Once your dental office manager and administrative staff are able to confidently navigate Planmeca, it can be used as a productivity increasing and money saving tool. Dillon Dental Networks is located centrally in San Diego and provides both on-site hands-on training as well as remote webinar training for your entire office team. We work with each individual to assure your dental business is getting the most out of your equipment and software.

Our IT support team is well versed in Planmeca changes, upgrades, and glitches. Once you’re a Dillon Dental Network client, you can rest assured that technology problems will be lifted from your plate and solved quickly by our team, without interruption to your practice. We provide advice, helpful hints, and complete support for Planmeca equipment and software.

With Dillon Dental Networks as your IT partner, your business will be running successfully and without the headache of technical difficulties. Call us today for a free consultation.


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Get the most out of Eaglesoft with on-demand IT support services

At Dillon Dental Networks, our IT specialists are not only experts in Eaglesoft, they are passionate about making sure that the San Diego dental practices they work with get the most out of all of its features.  If you are looking for complete and readily accessible Patterson Eaglesoft customer support with highly trained IT specialists working right here in San Diego, we are ready to partner with you. 

Patterson Eaglesoft 21 Dental Practice Management Software

Update Eaglesoft without interruption or distraction

The latest version of Eaglesoft brings several exciting features with it, including premium menu navigation graphics. In the exam room, enhanced digital x-rays are easily saved and manipulated from the Advanced Imaging Window. These images are then one-click uploaded to the patient’s digital chart by selecting the Chart Window, ensuring legible records and impeccable patient care for your front office team. These features are incredible productivity improvers once your dental clinicians are fully trained in Eaglesoft utilization.

Our dental IT team demonstrates every one of the features Eaglesoft has to offer to your dental technicians and dentists. We can do this remotely with webinar training, or with hands-on training in your office with your equipment. This allows your clinical team to be fully empowered and get the most out of your dental software system. The best part of this partnership? If they ever run into trouble or have a question, we are on call, 24/7, ready to assist with a solution.

Dillon Dental Networks does more than clinical support, we provide Eaglesoft technical services to your front office team too. Patient scheduling, billing, and insurance reconciliation can be done with ease and peace of mind when you work with our team. We will set up and pair your Eaglesoft software with state of the art data safeguarding systems.

Patterson Eaglesoft Integration, Training & Support

Looking to talk to a real person for Eaglesoft Customer Support?

As user-friendly and convenient as Eaglesoft is, all dental patient management software can be confusing and overwhelming to start, as well as when updates occur. Direct software provided support, with their AI phone systems and hard to reach technicians often leave dental offices wanting more. That is where we step in. Dillon Dental Networks holds a high level of expertise with Patterson Eaglesoft and will serve as an IT partner as your practice works with the software for both imaging and medical record data.

Our team is prepared to assist with any challenges Eaglesoft may present. We are here in San Diego and are able to offer installation, troubleshooting, and training of Eaglesoft to your entire practice, in-person or remotely. Once your team experiences Eaglesoft with us, and spends some time in our practice mode, they will find themselves navigating with ease.

If you are looking for ongoing Eaglesoft support or integration assistance, contact us today for a free quote

Eaglesoft Patterson Technology

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