Your One-Stop Dental IT Shop

Dillon Dental Networks provides complete IT services for dental offices. 
We deliver, install & maintain the specialized equipment your practice needs. 


Dell business class servers are ideal for health care practices, designed with the redundancy, durability and performance that your dental practice needs, at a sensible price. A quality server is essential to every dental practice as it manages critical patient data. If your dental office’s server goes down, you lose access to patient information. The IT services we offer include server management and maintenance. We advise replacing servers every three to four years to avoid disruption and receive optimal function.

Backup & Recovery

The most critical IT service for dental offices is data backup installation and management. Dillon Dental recognizes that data is the center of every dental practice. Dependent on your network, we will install either the highly rated DDS Rescue or the trustworthy Dillon Backup system as premium cloud backup, data monitoring, and speed recovery products.

Work Stations

Desktop computers are essential equipment for dental practices. Though data and vital network information are not stored on workstations, general office and internet functions are crucial for day to day operations. For this reason, we advise replacing office workstations every two to three years. Dillon Dental Networks recommends our line of Dell business class workstations for their superior performance rating and reasonable price point.

Tablets, Laptops, & Kiosks

In our consultation, we’ll get to know your practice. In addition to providing IT services for dental offices, we configure the best fit of mobile technology pieces for your practice. Considering your dental office’s performance, device battery life, and special feature needs, we provide the optimal lineup of tablets, laptops and kiosks, enhancing your patient experience. Switches and firewalls are replaced every two to three years with superior business class products including the Dell Sonicwall product line in both wired and wireless.

Keyboards & Mice

From wired to wireless and classic to ergonomic, our dental office IT services include finding your team the optimal line up of supportive equipment, keeping in mind comfort and reliability.

Secure Server Locks

It’s our job to think about all of the tech possibilities when providing IT services to your dental practice. Should your office experience stolen equipment, a server lock will prevent the possibility of a data breach.